I am proud to be Executive Principal and CEO of The Mossbourne Federation, a Multi-Academy Trust comprising both primary and secondary schools in East London.

Three years ago, we built MossPAM—initially just for our own schools—to tackle the challenges that we were experiencing first hand.

With MossPAM, teachers have the time and tools to focus on what they came to teaching to do: ensure every student has the opportunity to make exceptional progress.

Meanwhile, MossPAM’s analysis and insights allow me and my leadership teams, both within schools and across the Federation, to make informed and impactful decisions.

Over the past three years, PAM has grown to impact thousands of teachers across the UK, but our mission has remained the same: help teachers and leaders unlock their potential.

Peter Hughes CEO, the Mossbourne Federation & CEO, MossPAM


MossPAM originates from within a school environment. It was created from the desire to have everything teachers and leaders need to know about Teaching & Learning, at their fingertips.

The MossPAM platform gives you immediate access to everything you need to know about the quality of teacher development and student progress. All the data and information you need is in one centrally stored platform; no more need for multiple, isolated software solutions.

We believe that time is the most important resource in a school.

So, we questioned why it took hundreds of hours to collate data and create reports at each Assessment Cycle, why we lost days to generating Lesson Observation data, and why we were handing out printed letters and chasing replies.

We decided to remove all this unseen workload, and reduce the administrative burden.

MossPAM makes it simple for all teachers and leaders to get clear and revealing insights into their students' progress and gives them more time to focus on student support and intervention.

With MossPAM, teachers and leaders are not collating observations, they are reading them. They are not processing data, they are evaluating and analysing it.

Teachers and leaders across the Mossbourne Federation, and at our other schools and Trusts across the UK, use MossPAM every day to access high-quality, actionable information and to take more impactful actions.

MossPAM’s Leadership Team