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PAM Performance

The ongoing predictive analysis of student achievement provides accurate and up-to-date headline figures to evaluate a school's performance. When public examination results are received, PAM is instantly able to calculate the data, providing accurate and clear outcomes. School performance tables are provided through SLT and governor reports, which include progress 8 and attainment 8 scores, Ebacc achievement and an overview of the basics (English and Maths).

PAM Observation

PAM allows observations to be completed on any smart device. Its simple, time-saving interface allows observers to build a bank of observations, targets and action steps that is centrally stored and easy to access. These can be filtered by teacher, learning area or lesson judgements, becoming a powerful tool for measuring teacher progress and strengths, and understanding areas for development.

PAM Reporting

PAM gives teachers clear and revealing insights into their students' progress. Its user friendly interface allows teachers to access current and historical data, allowing them to assess student progress against their predictions and implement tailor-made interventions to ensure all students achieve their targets, and beyond.

PAM Seating

PAM offers a seating plan function which allows teachers to create, edit and share their seating plans with an ease that no other software allows. Teachers can view seating plans for other classes to ensure correct seating. PAM also allows teachers to arrange their seating structure with visible data (i.e current attainment, PPI, reading age etc.). This ensures teachers build a more structured seating plan.

PAM Parent

Parents are able to access key information, such as timetables, progress and attendance, on their child through PAM Parent. PAM Parent aims to eliminate the need for paper copies to be sent home. Therefore, all communication can be completed with PAM. Parents will log-in and view and reply to letters.

PAM Rooms

PAM Rooms allows teachers to discover room timetables and when rooms are free. Teachers are also able to book or reserve rooms using our room booking feature.

PAM Behaviour

Our behaviour feature ensures teachers have an easily accessible and swift manner for recording any behaviour points, positive or negative. Teachers can add multiple behaviour issues in one action, saving time and effort.

PAM Self-Evaluation

PAM includes a self-evaluation function which allows teachers to reflect on their practice and consider their medium and long-term goals. These are centrally stored, along with the short-term action steps that will help them achieve those goals – all of which can be revisited and assessed later without the need for complicated paper work.

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