PAM helps teachers and leaders unlock their potential by giving them the time, tools and insights to focus on what matters most

MossPAM gives teachers and leaders the time, tools,
and insights to focus on what matters most.


Reducing workload

Fostering a positive culture around professional growth and development

Enabling efficient and effective use of data


Help nurture teacher development through powerful insight & feedback

One centrally stored, instantly accessible area for the performance management of all staff, with integrated observations, self-evaluation, action targets and more.

Capture the typicality of Teaching & Learning within a school or MAT, facilitate a positive culture around professional growth through frequent, low-stakes, development-focused observations, and analyse teacher development trends on a department, school-wide or MAT-wide basis.


Powerful student insights for informed decision-making

Visualise and analyse pupil data in real-time with PAM Progress’ user-friendly interface. From high-level school comparisons to individual student monitoring, PAM quickly, easily, and clearly gives all staff within a MAT the information needed to drive school improvement.

The ongoing predictive analysis of student achievement provides accurate and up-to-date headline figures to evaluate a school's performance. When public examination results are received, PAM is instantly able to calculate the data, providing accurate and clear outcomes. School performance tables are provided through SLT and governor reports, which include Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores, EBacc achievement and an overview of the Basics.

PAM connects directly to a school’s MIS, ensuring data need only be inputted once, whilst PAM’s data quality functionality takes any time or stress out of data monitoring.


Engage parents whilst saving teachers’ time

Electronically generate and distribute letters, permission slips, student progress reports, and all other parental communication, significantly reducing teacher workload.

Using the PAM Parent app, parents can access communications and all other essential information—such as timetables, progress, and attendance records—anytime, from anywhere.

Student Reporting

Teachers can write, edit, and review reports via a centralised system that delivers directly to parents and records when they have been viewed, eliminating the need for reply slips.


PAM Behaviour allows teachers to record positive and negative behaviour in a clear manner. Teachers are able to record any punishments or rewards and assign teachers to the behaviour incident.

Seating Plans

PAM's seating plan function allows teachers to create and save seating plans embedded with student pictures, names, and essential data.


Rooms allows teachers to discover room timetables and view when rooms are free.