Dual Parentis here!

Please read the important information below

Dual Parent Release Date: 1st April 2019


Many of our school partners have requested dual parent access, and we've delivered! Parents/Carers with interest in the student's letters, attendance, timetable and progress who were not in communication with the parent that received the initial login details were previously unable to access PAM as there was only 1 account per student. The PAM Parent system architecture was based around the student and not the parent. We are now introducing an update that will convert the account owner to the Parent listed as Priority 1 in your MIS. The reason we've amended our system architecture is to ensure that a second parent can access PAM separately to the parent listed as priority 1.

What happens now?

Parents with one child at the school who wish to continue sharing an account will not have to do anything as they will still access PAM Parent in the same way.

If your school wishes to give access to the Parent listed as Priority 2 (in your MIS), view this tutorial.

How does this affect current parents?

If your school has a parent with multiple students in the school please note that the way they access PAM will change.
They will access all students via one username. The username will be the username of their eldest student (child).

E.g. Below is an example of a parent who has 2 children (students) in the same school.

Parent Name Student Name Previous Username New Username
Mr John Doe Jack Doe * Jack.Doe Jack.Doe
Mr John Doe Joanne Doe Joanne.Doe Jack.Doe

* The Eldest Child

Whereas before Mr John Doe will have two separate usernames to access his children's accounts, he now uses the account username of the eldest child: jack.doe. The password will remain unchanged and their usual password.