More Transparency, Better Teaching

PAM's many features allow your school to have a more transparent approach to Teaching & Learning. Teachers of all levels will be able to easily access school and classroom data without the need for paper copies. Once the observation hierarchy is set, relevant line managers will be able to analyse teacher performance across their assigned curriculum areas, thus giving a clear insight into how the school is performing.

PAM's Story

PAM originates from within a school environment. It was born through the need for a single, centrally stored system rather than having to purchase many different software solutions. The observation feature was conceived with the intention of removing one or two formal observations a year, and introducing a more 'open-door policy' whereby management can easily walk in any lesson, at any time, on any day, to carry out an observation. The transparency created through this method of observations allows staff members to have a uniform understanding of what level of teaching is required within your school.

Data software used prior to PAM was very complicated to read and was difficult to access for a classroom teacher. Other software solutions tend to gear their data towards management and SLT. PAM allows all members of staff to analyse and view school and classroom data.

With paper waste becoming an ever-growing issue, PAM has saved schools thousands of pounds a year on paper as everything required for Performance Management, Data, Self-Evaluation, Parent Communication, Seating Plans etc. is all electronically stored within one system.

Made for School Leaders, BySchool Leaders